Returning to posting. I am 7 months out from surgery and down 102 pounds. Which is about halfway to where I need to be. Yay!

I am cooking White Chicken Chili for tonight’s dinner. Wanna take a peek?

First you have to cook three pounds of boneless chicken thighs.  Recipe originally called for chicken breast, but sometimes I can’t eat chicken breast because it’s too dry.  I lined a pan with oil, brushed some coconut oil on the pan, and placed the thighs on the pan.  Then I sprinkled them with a little taco seasoning, and baked at 375 degrees for 35 minutes.  Here they are resting.

Here are the raw veggies for the sofrito. I used two leeks, one red fresno chile, 1 green jalapeno chili, and two pasilla chiles. I minced that all up in the food processor, and it looked like this. (There is coconut oil in the pan under the pile of veggies.)

Then I put in all the spices before sauteing the veggies. Oregano, cumin, basil, pepper, garlic powder. Here are all the spices waiting to become delicious.

After everything cooked for about 8 minutes, I added broth, beans (Rancho Gordo Santa Maria pinquitos that I cooked and froze last week), and the baked chicken thighs which I had chopped roughly.

Here are the cooked beans, which are lovely.  If you are going to take the time to cook beans from scratch, which nutritionally aces, order some beans from  If you are in the Bay Area, they sell their delightful beans at the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market.

Here is your finished chili, garnished with a little sour cream and sliced avocado, if they are good at the market.  Mmmm. It tastes like the inside of a delicious burrito.

If you want the full original recipe, take a look at Tosca Reno’s book