I love Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday, and it’s my anniversary. However, I’m not really wear I wanted to be, but at the same time, I’m getting closer than ever.

Last Halloween, when I went costume shopping, nothing fit. I was even miles away from the plus size costumes fitting. I was lucky to find an online company, sanctuarie.net, that makes gorgeous gothy dresses in big sizes. (I’m wearing it in my profile picture.) And I told my husband last year, “Next year I am going to wear a sexy plus size nurse costume!” And I believed it. And it didn’t happen. I’m about five pounds down from a year ago.

For those of you who are new here, I am having weight loss surgery later this year. I have gone through almost all of the six months of hoop jumping required by the insurance company. In a week and a half, my surgeon’s office can request approval from the insurance company. I am very very excited about this.

So, it’s another fat Halloween, and my last fat Halloween. (Don’t get me wrong, I might not be done losing all my weight next Halloween, but I’ll be in that nurse costume.) I ordered an adorable red devil dress costume from Sanctuarie.net. It looks like what Stevie Nicks would wear if she were a go-go dancer. I’ll wear it with leggings and I will be really glad to have it.

What are YOU going to be for Halloween?