In case you are a new reader, I am in the approval process for VSG (vertical sleeve gastrectomy). My insurance company requires me to have six monthly visits with the surgeon, along with many other requirements met, before I can submit for approval. I am hoping to have the surgery in October. As someone who has been obese her whole life, this surgery will be life-changing.

I have a great surgeon. He and his staff are excellent. Today was visit 4 of 6. It did not go well. I had a crapload of job stress, a death in the family, and other personal problems, and I was getting over a cold. And I did not make the choices I needed to make. My surgeon told me that if I do not lose some weight before surgery, there will be no surgery. He reminded me of the requirements that I agreed to adhere to pre-surgery (3 meals a day, no refined carbs, good protein levels. No snacks.)

I left the office in tears. But I am recommitted to doing this. Not Monday. Not August 1. Now. Today I followed the guidelines. I’m used to eating much differently, and I’m hungry. I will get used to this. I am tracking my calories, and I am NOT starving. I am also really lucky to have the support of my dear husband, who is doing this with me. Posting to my blog is part of my process. Stay tuned, and comment if you have something interesting and/or supportive to say. Don’t comment to tell me why you don’t approve of surgery.

I am also posting photos tagged “What I did not eat today”, just for fun, and to see the results. Today I passed up a delightful looking piece of birthday cake, and threw away the half a box of spicy cheezits in the cupboard. I went to a friend’s bbq and did not eat chips or other stuff I’m not allowed to eat.