As of this time tomorrow, I will have achieved my weekly goal: to have 6/7 dinners at home. No takeout, no restaurants. Tonight we had dinner number 5. This is a big accomplishment for me, because I get tired and whiny after work, and will talk hubby in to taking me to Red Robin or ordering pizza. So this week we were prepared.

I can’t share the specific recipes, because they are the property of Leanne Ely, The Dinner Diva. If you visit her website,, you can see the awesome things she does. For $20 you can purchase her 20 for the Freezer Vegetarian bundle. It rules.

We picked four things that hubby and I both thought looked good, and shopped on Sunday. I spent about two hours chopping, measuring and bagging items for the freezer. When I went to bed Sunday, we had four dinners (most serve two people for two nights) bagged and labelled and frozen. The night before you cook, place your bags in the fridge to defrost.

Come home, tired and whiney, and pull your bags out of the fridge. For example, tonight was Terikayi Broccoli Shrooms. I pulled out the bag of shrooms, started them cooking, and put on a pot of water for soba noodles. Put the veggie spring rolls (Ling Ling Brand, love them) in to bake. Back to mushrooms, add sauce packet (from ingredients measured and frozen), cook some more, add broccoli and carrots and heat.

Drain noodles, put mushroomy goodness on top, with two baked egg rolls on the side. Eat a yummy Friday night dinner that was not stressful to make, did not involve take-out, and had no msg or other unhealthy ingredients. (The egg rolls were all natural ingredients).

I love doing this. Sunday is officially my shopping/chopping day now. I hope that the Dinner Diva does not mind me posting about her recipe, since I didn’t give the actual recipe. I just wanted to show people how it worked. (I will send her the link, and if she does mind, I’ll pull it.)

And now I can see how I can apply some of these principals to my own favorite recipes. Here is a picture of tonight’s dinner, but it’s not a great picture. It was a great meal.