I was down 2.8 at my weigh in today! I am really happy with that. It gave me the push I needed to cook a good dinner and get all my food ready for tomorrow!

I have a cooler with five different small containers. I have them packed with English Muffin with Peanut Butter (Breakfast), which I’ll have with banana and coffee; cucumber slices with cheddar cheese; tofurkey sandwich with hummus on wheat (lunch); cherry tomatoes with blue cheese laughing cow; and a peeled orange. I’ll also pack an apple and some pretzels. I know it sounds like a lot, but I have a huge amount of points to get through, and I won’t eat it all if I’m not hungry.

We did a big grocery shopping trip at Trader Joe’s, so we have lots of good things in the kitchen now. HUGE organic granny smith apples were at a good price for a big bag.

Tonight we had tacos with ground turkey and LOTS of veggies. It was very satisfying.

Work is stressful right now, so the best things I can do are bring lots of healthy food, and go to the gym at lunchtime.

Thanks for reading!