No, I was not 100% with making healthy choices. But I did track all my WW points, and I’m on track. I am interested to see if I have a loss.

I’ve been reading Clean Eating Magazine a lot again lately. Tomorrow I am making a Red Thai Chili that looks great. The food all fits nicely in to WW, but sometimes it takes a long time. The chili is a quick one.

Work is really stressful, which makes me want to eat to escape, especially at lunch time.

I listened to people who are knowledgeable when they make suggestions. I really wanted chinese food yesterday, and my WW leader had posted that Beef with Broccoli was only 4 points a cup. It’s not my favorite kind of chinese food, but we got it and it was very satisfying.

I have a cold again, which is really frustrating, because it is keeping me out of the gym.

Christmas is almost here, which is good. I am going to be home with the hubby (and furkids of course), and we will probably play cards, watch movies, eat something I cook here and enjoy a day together away from work.

This weekend I am just going to relax and try to make some wrist warmers for my friend for Christmas. Look at the great crochet hook organizer I bought from Etsy!