I went to Club One yesterday to have my fitness consultation. I was a little skeptical because I am really out of shape, and I was afraid that she couldn’t help me, or would want to start me out with too much. After we talked a while, she had me do some exercises with free weights and some squats. She very considerately mentioned that she thought I would like free weights better than the machines for now because they are hard to get in and out of sometimes if you are big.

So my work out schedule is this: Monday/Wednesday/Friday, I will walk on the track for 20 minutes, at my own pace. Then I will two sets of the five different weight exercises. On Tuesday/Thursday I will go to either Aqua Fit class or Yoga Flow.

I went to Aqua Fit tonight for the first time and it was great. I really liked the teacher and the class. It is very awkward getting in and out of the pool because there are no steps, just a ladder. I won’t paint you a picture, but it’s not pretty. Everything will get easier as I get fitter and stronger.

So now I’m home and my whole body is tired. My heels and knees hurt, and it’s time for bed. But I started. I’m on the road now.