I do get tired of the committee of negative voices in my head. I’m working to replace them with more positive ones.

You know the ones. “I wish I could do this. I shoulda done that.”

Positive things I did today:

I went and signed up for Curves and worked out, even though I was scared to do it.

I made a great fruit/greens smoothie with pineapple, banana, yogurt, rice milk and Ormus Greens Powder. (One of by big shoulda’s is that I really want to be vegetarian, and it’s not feasible for me right now. Sometimes that stops me from getting fruits and veggies because I can be so “all or nothing” with myself.)

I made Mexican Millet from the Veganomicon cookbook to go with our leftover ropa vieja.

Here’s a link to another blog that posts a modified version of this recipe, in case you’re curious. It’s a lot like Spanish rice, and millet is very good for you.


I went to lunch with hubby and did not undo my good work at Curves with french fries. I had a sandwich off of their “reduced calorie” menu, and it was good!