…in a good way. About a week ago, I stopped using the OA program in the half-a**ed way that I was using it. I stopped using it at all. It was not working for me, and it was kind of making me hate myself more. (It works GREAT for many people, so I am not knocking it.) I’ve tried it about three times now, and I’m done.

Business School. I am making myself miserable and sick trying to pursue an MBA. I work at the school as well, so it meant that I was there ALL THE TIME. Today I had to suck it up and realize that A) I can get an MBA a couple of years from now, but getting pregnant is a much smaller window due to my age, and B) An MBA means nothing if I have a nervous breakdown.

I am throwing myself back in to the Weight Watchers program full force. I have really been slacking, and hello? not losing any weight. I was inspired this week by Ms Bitchcakes who is a cool chica who made goal recently.


I am also ridiculously in to learning to use my hula hoop. I’m terrible at it, but I love it. More hoop related nonsense tomorrow.