If you watch the news, you know that it was an emotional week to live in Oakland. Thursday at 3:30 our office plaza was evacuated, because they were worried that there might be violence over the Mesehrle trial verdict.

Going home, the train stations were very scary, people were very tense. I have anxiety attacks lately, and I kept having these horrible images of someone opening fire on our train. We all got home safely.

There was a lot of protest in the streets, but very little rioting/looting until it got quite late and the crowd had dispersed. A few people were injured, but it could have been much worse. Things are still very raw feeling in Oakland, but the community will mend.

In addition to that, in my small world, work was very tense. 12 hour days, 6 day weeks, which are now back to normal. I ate badly. Lots of sugar. Yesterday was my first day that I beat the sugar again. I had a skinny cow at home after dinner, but no binging.

Sometimes Facebook really irritates me. I just “unliked” a very funny author who I’ve liked for years, after she made a post that mocked a fat person. (The fat part was only part of the mockery, but still…) Now I can’t even enjoy her books.