This was the last vacation day that hubby and I had together. We went to the Lindsay Wildlife Museum, which is a special place for me that I had been wanting to share with him.

The Lindsay has all sorts of animal education programs. They have lots of local wildlife on display, but only if the animals could not be returned to the wild. The animals are only kept on display for a few months at a time, then they live in different areas while other animals are on display.

When I was in my early 20s, a friend and I found a baby heron in a city park. (The mother had been hit by a car.) We cornered it under a table, and caught it, and I held it wrapped up in a blanket while my friend drove carefully to the Lindsay. His tiny heart beat very fast, and I hoped he wouldn’t try to spear my eye with his sharp bill. The Lindsay took good care of him.

Today was the last day of “Slither and Hop – Reptile and Amphibian Week”! We saw an education session about California King Snakes, which is the lovely little fellow in the photo.

We also saw a feeding and training demonstration with a beautiful bobcat.

If you live in the Bay Area, please visit the Lindsay, it is a wonderful place! The website is: