I’m getting ready to come home from work tonight (worked til 8), and hubby says, “What kind of workout do you want to do when you get home?” What kind of what now? At 9 p.m.? He was right, and I’m glad he encouraged me and did the workout with me.

We did the Denise Austin Hit the Spot workout dvd, the warmup and upper body/core section.

I haven’t worked out in a while, so it was challenging. (And her voice could cut glass.) But it was fun, and I needed it.

As I was losing my grip on my exercise ball, I remembered the ambien story. I take a sleeping pill some nights (every night), and I have to be careful because if I stay up too long after I take it, I get goofy. I have learned to stay out of the kitchen. But one night, after I took it, I was looking through Oxygen magazine and there was a fancy stability ball workout where you lie face forward on the ball, roll forward until it is under your knees, and I can’t really tell you what comes next, because that is where I fell off the ball and landed between the sofa and coffee table, and I couldn’t get up because the ball was now on top of me. I had to call my husband, who later told me that I looked “like an ant trying to move a very large grape, and failing.”

I had a sore back the next day, but I learned a lesson!