Here is what I did right this week:

No binging

Made some good simple dinners like whole wheat pasta with marinara and ground turkey

The scale moved in the right direction this week, and this next weigh-in WILL be the one that gets me out of the 370’s!

What needs improvement:

Dealing with some emotional issues, chemical I think

I hurt my foot, that needs to heal

I did eat more processed foods than I should (yes, I can count the points, but I’ll have better losses if I eat cleaner food)

I did not work out.  I was really stressed out, and exercise probably would have helped

Goals for this week:

The call to action at my WW meeting was to track for at least 4/7 days of the week.  I will write down everything in my tracker.

Keep working on my collage that is recovery related

Do some exercise 5 days this week (it may be upper body only depending on my foot)

Say something good about myself every day.  out loud.

And so this isn’t a boring text only post, here is a picture of my hubby and my dog Gomez, both of whom I love