I went to the Region 2 OA Conference in San Mateo today, and it was a great experience. I went to meetings about people who have to lose large amounts (great speakers!), agnostic/atheistic meeting, a meeting about amends/resentments, and a meeting about pregnancy in recovery. They were all great! Everyone was very friendly all day too.

I was embarrassed after the amends/resentments meeting. I went up to talk to one of the sharers, and to ask if she takes program phone calls. As she was writing down her number for me, I totally started to bawl. She was very nice about it and hugged me, but I felt dumb. Sister issues come up and blindside me some times.

I feel like I am ready to really dig in and go some of the stepwork that I’ve been avoiding. I keep throwing up roadblocks that aren’t really there. I’ve been abstinent by my definition for two months, because I have not binged, but I’ve not moved forward with my stepwork, or used the tools much.

I also picked up a great cd of a talk about body image from a previous conference that I can’t wait to hear.