Today I took the train out to meet my mom so that we could do our 5K together. It was warm and a little humid, about 75 degrees out. We thought about doing the walk as laps around the indoor mall, but decided to do it outside.

About 5 minutes in, it seemed hot. About 30 minutes in, I felt like my skin was on fire and like I was going to throw up. I told my mom we had to turn back. When we got back to her place we had done just over a mile.

I could not keep up with my 70 year old mother. Granted, she is in great shape, and I am not. Yet. But I was embarrassed and felt like a failure.

I came home and biked two more miles on my stationary bike. I did not order pizza like I wanted to. I have healthy soup on the stove. I feel emotionally drained and very physically wobbly.

Fitness wise, there is no place but up at this point…