Thursday nights can be tough. I have two uninterrupted hours alone. I like to binge then. I don’t any more. But I do eat something if I’m hungry.

Tonight I went to Panda Express for a “snack”. (In hindsight, this was a meal, not a snack.)

I won’t tell you what I used to eat there, but I ran it through the nifty nutritional calculator that Panda has on their site, and determined that it was 32 points! Yes, 32. That’s like three meals. (But I only eat one lunch there a week, how come I gained this week? Oh…)

Then, I started getting the Panda bowl. Instead of fried rice, and two entrees, the panda bowl is steamed rice, and a generous entree. Great! 17 Points! What? OK, still better, but not good.

Then, one day, I asked sheepishly, “Do you guys let any one order the kids’ meal, or just kids.” The nice lady informed me that any one can order it.

Steamed rice, smaller entree (ditch the cookie), small diet coke. 11 Points. Still a hefty snack, and probably way more than I would like to feed a child, but not bad for a meal for me, considering.)

Yes, I’m an MBA major and a dork, so points comparison analysis is what I do now instead of bingeing with those two hours. 🙂