This has been a very successful food week.  Hubby and I have eaten lots of good dinners together. Yesterday I made a breaded fish filet recipe that didn’t work because my breading didn’t stick. (I don’t have good luck with low-fat breaded things in general.)  But the fish still tasted great, with sweet potato wedges and green beans.  Hubby makes a great sauce that is great on fish, potatoes, broccoli, anything.  I will post it at the end.

Tomorrow is weigh-in, and I am hoping for good results.  I had a gain last week, probably because I ate so much the night before at a birthday dinner.  But this week has been mostly “Filling Foods”, which is the same as Clean Eating, pretty much.

Yummy Yogurt Sauce

Fat Free Greek Yogurt, about half a cup

Lemon juice, 1 TBSP or to taste

Sprinkle of dried dill

2 minced cloves fresh garlic


Mix all ingredients together, let it sit for a couple of hours in the fridge if you have time.  We like things pretty garlicky, so make it to taste.  Enjoy!